MESH hosts many events related to entrepreneurship and society focused on helping local entrepreneurs build their companies. We also co-host events with other organizations supporting our vision. Consider hosting your next event at MESH. We would be happy to collaborate with you. Contact us for more details.

It was a busy 2014! Here is a partial list of MESH events from our first year

Dec. 21-22 – 3D Printing Hackathon for teenagers

Nov. 25 – MESH expansion opening event

Nov. 28 – GEW Event – Customer acquisition and retention strategies

Sep. 29 – PR for your product launch (guest speaker)

Jul. 29 – Why I invest only in companies with great impact (guest speaker)

Jul. 27 – Lean Startup Workshop

Jul. 24 – Introduction to the World of Cyber Security (guest speaker)

Jul. 15 – Entrepreneurship in a Complex World (guest speaker)

Jul. 10 – My First Term Sheet – Workshop with Yigal Arnon team

Jul. 8 – WIX Workshop – Build your own website!

Jul. 3 – Pitch Day with JVP, Glilot Capital, Canaan Partners and Deloitte

Jun. 1 – How to pitch to a VC (guest speaker)

Jun. 1 – Trends and Future Direction for Video & TV (guest speaker)

May 27 – Open Source Developers Club (guest speaker)

May 14 – Meet the Local Tech Community (networking event)

Apr. 6 – Tech Talk – Android Programming (guest speaker)

Apr. 1 – MESH networking breakfast

Mar. 25 – Tech Talk – Intro to Dart Programming (guest speaker)

Mar. 23 – JVP Cyber Labs (guest speaker)

Mar. 20 – Chuck Norris Event!

Mar. 19 – Modiin’s Annual Technology Job Fair

Mar. 5 – Good Deeds + GEW Hackathon

Mar. 4 – MESH networking breakfast

Mar. 3 – Financing Trends in the Start-up Nation (guest speaker)

Feb. 26 – Leaving School to Start a Company (guest speaker)

Feb. 24 – New Consumer Behavior for Predicting Market Potential (guest speaker)

Feb. 23 – Introduction to MongoDB Workshop

Feb. 12 – Deloitte Incentive Funding Programs for Startups (guest speaker)

Feb. 2 – Superbowl party

Jan. 29 – Where do we start? (guest speaker)

Jan 22 – Canaan Partners Event (guest speaker)

Jan. 19 – Jdate Israel CEO (guest speaker)

Jan. 15 – MESH Opening Event!

Here are some valuable snippets from past events